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12 Days Of Christmas


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12 Days Of Christmas
12 Days Of Christmas
12 Days Of Christmas

All we want for Christmas is candy! Step inside Santa's Candy Shop this holiday season and try gourmet gummies and chocolates from around the world.

Discover 24 new candies as you count down to the sweetest day of the year. After pulling out each drawer, turn it around to reveal a corresponding Candy Cube design. Fill Santa's Candy Shop with Candy Cubes as each day passes. By the 25th, the shelves will be fully stocked with all of the candies you tasted!

The included treats are:


  • Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites
  • Holiday Gummy Presents
  • Little Snowmen Gummies
  • Riptide Raspberries Gummies
  • Candy Cane Caramels
  • Island Pineapples
  • Santa's Trees Gummies
  • Heavenly Sours Gummies
  • Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bites
  • Raspberry Eiffel Towers
  • Sparkling Star Gummies
  • Sprinkle Star Gummies
  • Sprinkle Donuts Cookies
  • Peach Bum Gummies
  • Banana Gummies
  • Rainbow Bears
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Merry Berries Gummies
  • Holiday Hearts Gummies
  • Petite Strawberries Gummies
  • Birthday Cake Cookies
  • Peach Hearts
  • Apple Frogs Gummies
  • Baby Whales Gummies
  • Milk Chocolate Donuts