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Valentine's Day Chocolates

Love For Mama

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Valentine's Day Chocolates

Because adding chocolate to a gift for valentine's day is always a good idea!  We have several options for that sweet tooth!

Chocolate Selection:

  • Fine + Raw: Hazelnut Butter Bar (2oz).  A creamy delight, homemade hazelnut butter with the world's finest pacific northwest hazelnuts.  Ingredients: Organic Cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, organic hazelnuts, organic cacao butter, sea salt
  • Fine + Raw Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (1oz). This 70% dark chocolate bar is topped with just enough sea salt to make the palate open.  Ingredients: organic cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, sea salt.
  • Seattle Chocolates- "Like You A Latte" Milk chocolate truffle bar.  Made with decaf espresso and crunchy demerara cane sugar which is similar to brown sugar.
  • Seattle Chocolates- ""Tart +Soul" White and Dark Truffle Bar a blend of tart lemon oil, freeze-dried sweet raspberries and crunchy chunks of biscotti and wrapped in dark chocolate
  • JCoCo Noble Dark (1oz) - a dark chocolate lovers dream made with crunchy cacao nibs. 72% cacao

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