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Patchology Masks and Kits


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Patchology Masks and Kits

A variety of masks and gels for all of the soothe and relaxation.

On The Fly: Need a vacation?  Chances are your skin does too!  this kit has everything to hydrate your skin, illuminate your complexion, wake up tired eyes and smooth your lips for the true royal treatment.  Included: Hydrate Flash Masque/1 pair FlashPatch Eye Gels and 1 FlashPatch Hydrating Lip Gel

Wink Wink: For that tired Mama the Day & Night Gels Kit to help with puffiness, dryness and fatigue.  Featuring caffeine, hydrolyzed collagen and other essential ingredients to make it look like you got  8 hours of sleep.  This kit includes 2 pairs of eye gels.

Wink & A Kiss: Five Minute treatments providing deep hydration that perks up eyes and softens lips.  It contains the brands hydrasurge5 moisture system, which features advanced hydrogel patch technology that sends the most powerful ingredients to your lips faster.  Includes 2 eye gels and 2 lip gels.

 The Perfect Weekend:  A Trio of face mask treatments that dissolves dead skin cells, increases luster and smooths skin. The set includes hydrate mask, illuminate mask, milk peel mask

Soothe: This mask was made for stressed out skin.  Packed with anti-inflammatories, it mimics the Aloe Vera plant to de-puff irritated skin and calm redness on contact.  Meanwhile rosemary, sage and lavender leave behind a protective barrier which fights against free radicals long after the five minute masque moment is up.

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