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Seattle Chocolate Bars

Love For Mama

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Seattle Chocolate Bars
Seattle Chocolate Bars

A delectable blend of flavors, you can't go wrong with these sweet treats.  They are perfect for that chocolate lover in your life.  This is the perfect addition to any gift.

Available Flavors:

  • Coconut Sea Salt Truffle Bar- a blend of island flavors.  This truffle bar boasts all-natural ingredients with a smooth meltaway center and rainforest alliance certified cocoa.  Toasted coconut and sea salt in rich dark chocolate
  • Double Distilled Mint Truffle Bar-This original seattle chocolate flavor infuses double distilled peppermint oil into smooth milk chocolate.  32% cacao
  • San Juan Sea Salt Truffle Bar-The most popular flavor, crunchy toffee and pacific sea salt in creamy milk chocolate.  The perfect blend of sweet and salty with a meltaway center

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