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Love For Mama

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Southampton Soap Company

We absolutely love this all natural local soap line, not only because of the adorable packaging, but these soaps will leave your skin smelling amazing.

Beauty Bar-All natural complexion bar leaves your skin luminous and bright.  Japanese skin care regimens have used aduki beans for centuries and gently exfoliates. Castor oil softens lines and aids in curing acne and skin imperfections. Perfect for all skin types

Vintage Rose- A classic romantic and intriguing blend with low notes of patchouli & vanilla topped with a hint of arrange and rose fragrance.  Rose clay removes toxins leaving the skin warm and bright

Coconut SIlk-Coconut milk & cocoa butter whisk you away to the tropics with this ultra moisturizing soap

Goat Milk & Honey- Honey Soap  with organic goats milk powder and honey and scented with lavender oil.

Seaside Spa-Sea derived additives and nutrients remove toxins while the healing local waters purify and uplift your skin leaving a healthy glow. Fresh herbal scent

Garden Mint- A fresh blend of fragrant garden herbs and a variety of mints and parsley powder, & green tea to relieve tension and stress.

Honeysuckle-Intoxicating floral with doses of sweet nectar and herbaceous greens.  Fragrant yet not overpowering. True honeysuckle.

Relaxation Blend- A soothing blend of lavender, clary sage and lemongrass that calms the nerves and eases the senses.  Violet specks of dried lavender buds grace the ends of this dreamy bar.

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