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Fact- We Can't Do It All, All The Time


It is that time of year where sickness is here EVERY. OTHER. DAY.  It hit our house this past week, and it just seems to just get passed around from kid to kid. You have all been there right?  Those lingering coughs and runny noses.  I ended up bringing all 3 kids to the doctor and we didn't make it in the car very long before my oldest son was throwing up in the back seat.  Needless to say we had to pull over, enough said. Thank god for my mom who met me there with wipes and a new pair of pants to save the day, because I was not prepared, mom fail. 

But it got me to thinking - this is really just motherhood in a nutshell.  We have to embrace the good and bad, even though in the moment this is so hard. Lets face it, as a mom, most of the time things are not going to go as planned - but this is where the learning and growing happens.  In every situation we learn something new about being a parent.  

I recently found myself in a cycle which often happens to me where I have these big lofty goals and I get frustrated because I don't have the time to achieve them right now.  This recent round of sickness is just one of many examples of how being a mom throws you off track. You have a new normal and need to level set your expectations. Acceptance is a powerful thing wherever you are in life.  The amount you can handle at each particular time in life will change based on what you currently have on your plate. Sometimes it is just too much and that is ok. 

We put all of this pressure as moms on ourselves to be everything to everyone and to do it all.  This really just isn't fair or realistic.  We are not always going to get it all done.

Your marriage won't always be great

Your house won't always be clean

Your kids won't always behave

You are not always going to meet that work deadline

Your won't always get time to yourself

We are human and everything is a work in progress.  I think we all need to give each other some more grace. If you are like me, you are superwoman sometimes running at full speed and then you turn into a sloth because all of your energy has been zapped out. 

And this too is okay, until next time.



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